Peritas manages and develops property on a sustainable basis

Peritas was started in 2005 by founders with extensive experience in the real estate business. From our first property acquisition, we have grown into a company whose activities today rest on two important foundations: property management and project development.
Through an extensive network of contacts and knowledge-based creativity, Peritas runs development projects that create positive value growth in the company and meet the demands of quality-conscious tenants. We build and develop on a sustainable basis for long-term property management.

Long-term relationships that enhance value

We manage and develop all types of properties and deliver a high standard of service that extends to both our properties and the way we treat people. By being easily accessible and responsive to our customers’ wishes, we can create a solid basis for long-term relationships.

We are happy to collaborate with other respected operators in the industry. Working together, we can maximise each other’s strengths and create increased benefits for investors, owners and tenants.
Please feel free to contact us.